March 27, 2013

Organica Cafe- Jabriya

I went to the new location of Organica Cafe (previously in Salmiya) last night to try out their new menu and place.
Finding a parking spot was a little hellish (as with the case in many places in Kuwait) but I did have a good time,spent with great company.

Some items on the menu were amazingly good, although I have my reservations about a few dishes they have.

Caprese Salad which I enjoyed. And found out the delicious mozzarella cheese is flown directly from Italy.

I also liked this brichetta with Mediterranean vegetables.
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Their Raviolli Ricotta Spinach con Salsa AlleNoci was my least favorite. I know it's fried but it was way too oily for my liking.

This cheese sauce is a HUGE miss for me.

I was not taken by their lasagna but it is tasty.

I enjoyed their Pizza Messicana, if spicy is your thing then is the best dish to get.

A classic for me, Fish and chips.

Try their Panna cotta served with strawberries sauce
 My overall experience? It was pretty cool and they had live music in the back which was fantastic, really gave the atmosphere a really chilled and family-like vibe.
I tend to watch what I eat a lot of the times,because of my daily health battles.

If you want to try them, they are right behind the Royal Hayat Hospital in Jabriya.
I will definitely be going again to enjoy my brichetta with Mediterranean vegetables and that amazing lemonade! But I won't be sitting next to bushy hedge!

Glamorously Yours,

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