March 29, 2013

My KUWAIT Style Finds This Week

One of the outfits that I really liked.

I love what she wore, it was hers alone. YSL pumps looked gorg! I like how the outfit is playful and edgy.check out her chanel biker glove!

#MannquinCult Fierce!! Very unique from head to toe!Diffinf on the bag,shoes and cap!GRRRR.
Oh and I would so totally wear what the lady next to her wore!

The back of her blouse is balck and white stripes!. I really liked her shoes, the had a gold spikey toe cap. Think jack parcell.

Nicole looks gorgeous in white and off white!The detail on her lace dress was beautifully done.
Many of u already know my special relationship to prints..this Kenzo print really caught my attention.

Glamorously Yours,

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