March 19, 2013

Knockbook Lounge- Salmiya

There's a new chic lounge in K-town!!
I found this new spot right next to Laila Gallery cinema entrance.
I'd seen them fixing up the place from time to time but didn't get a chance to go past until very recently.

I went in for a cup of tea while waiting fro my sister to finish work and I liked it.
I like the concept behind it and it encourages me to take my laptop and go and post my blog ramblings from there!The interiors are basic but good,comfy couches.
My favorite is the outside setting which sadly I won't be using this summer because of the heat (duh).

Enjoying my cup of tea while I wait

So the next time you are at Laila Gallery or you work there, go past and enjoy a cuppa!
They are now open.
It's still fairly new so I will go back to see how it is again.

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