March 16, 2013

Glamorously Hair for all fashionistas!

Ok Banaat (girls), the secret of my hair is out!
About a month ago a lot of you asked where and how I got it done.

I got the hair from Plaza Athenee Beauty Spa (They are a part of Plaza Athenee Hotel and in the same location). 
It's a cinnamon color with honey highlights, I did the coloring at the same place and the styling (curls) because it it originally straight extensions/weave.

Obviously I was extremely happy about the end results, I must say I was pleasantly surprised by the knowledge of their hairstylists on how to work with ethnic hair and apply extensions. They are beyond good. They listened to what I wanted and advised me what would work and what wouldn't (very rare in Kuwait).
It was a very warm atmosphere,I felt at home really.

WHAT I LIKE: Expert knowledge of coloring and styling, clean, quiet.
It's the one of the best places to go and relax actually.

The lady who colored my hair!

The picture that set my IG on fire!
The owner of Plaza Athenee Hotel was style struck that he asked for a pic!
Thank you for your hospitality Sir!

I got to show off my superb hair on KTV2

My KTV2 outfit

Location : Kuwait | Bneid Al Gar | Opposite to Arabian Gulf Street |  Behind MBC
Tel: 2 229 4555

Do You think they did a good job?

Get your Glam on with them!

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