March 29, 2013


Fashion is about self expression right? Well, trends colors are there so we are inspired to try them in different combinations and style.
One doesn't neccesarrily have to like an entire set as it is, you can simply take a color combination and use it in your style if the fashion set doesn't appeal to you.
Let's hope these next sets will give you ideas on your next few outfit combinations!

I love this dress, it's definitely something one would consider this summer. I like the high-low effect right at the bottom,almost unnoticeable actually.

This may be a liitle too casual for some, I think it's great for a lazy day running a few errands. of course for Kuwait you may have to throw in something on the top.
I know so many women who tend to rotate towards earthy colors. Perhaps a little too dark for this season but I like that dress and I feel that a brighter shoe can also be pulled off well for this set. But I like the bohemian feel this gives.
They say you can never go wrong with nude color. and They are almost right. However when Nude is over done in an outfit it can have the opposite effect.

Another trend driven set (colors). Although I like this set, it makes me want to go to a party with my girl friends!

The same color combination as the previous set. Once again,stating that different color combos can be used in different styles etc. I love this!!!, The dress and belt combo is stunning.I would've gone with a black shoe and clutch on this and kept the accessories minty.

Very simple yet BEAUTIFUL. I love this bootie.

I like the wedge as opposed to a high heel. 

 Be inspired!

Glamorously Yours,

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