March 6, 2013

Food Chronicles: Summer dish from The Meat Co

I took my posh self down to 360 Mall yet again yesterday for lunch at The Meat Co.
I looked great, I felt invincible and was riding on my fashion stylist wave.
It's undoubtedly my favorite place to eat in Kuwait, it's truly on a level of its own and they are consistent.

Yesterday, I was adventorous and took a shot at a their mushroom and spinach vol-au-vent (puff pastry) topped with cheese. I didn't particularly the pastry part of it,it was too hard for me to slice through, left me in a mess(and I looked too good to be left in a mess by anything yesterday)...I even asked if next time I could just have the stuffing on its own because that was the mother of touch downs!

Mushroom and spinach vol-au-vent

I also had the Citrus Salad, it surprised me!i usually can't stand the infusion of fruits and veg but this is tasty and delicious. Very summery.
I found out that this is their summer salad. 
So if you go to The Meat Co and you want to order a salad,I recommend you try this one.

The Citrus Salad

For my main I tried the salmon skewer, I wanted to try it because pretty much most places here over do their salmon. The Meat Co is the 2nd place I have visited in Kuwait that served me soft,succulent salmon.
I was pleased.

All in all, I am very happy about all the dishes save for the vol-au-vent pastry dish.
So a a thumbs up from the glammy.

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