March 13, 2013

Food Chrinicles :Chic Dining in Kuwait

Ok, the truth is I have a standing appointment with the Meat Co every Tuesday afternoon.
We sit,eat and talk everything from fashion styling to culture and our funny moments from our work! It's such a great atmosphere and the fact that the food and service is amaze-balls is a bonus.
Plus I get to meet a lot of glam chic individuals from Kuwait while at it!

I like to share everything with my readers too!

This week for lunch I started with their Rocket Apple and Walnut Salad. The dressing plus the spicy walnuts made this dish stand out for me;its got a tiny sour taste to it. Their presentation was on point!

For my entree I had Red chili prawns fried with ginger and garlic.
The major about this dish is definitely the sauce that the prawns are made in.

I had lemon sorbet to break the seafood taste in my mouth because I was having steak for my main dish. It's a little TOO sweet for me.
You are probably thinking that, "wait,isn't this a lot to eat". and you are right! The portions are pretty big for a girl like me.

Chateaubriand is best to share!
Nothing beats a tender and juicy steak,although I didn't fancy the mustard seed topping.

I would recommend the red chili prawns from this selection.

This is what I had on to go to The Meat Co.
My shoe wouldn't work with me and I was running late!

It was a fabulous afternoon filled with lots of stylish people!

The Meat Co is at the luxurious 360 Mall
Tel: 2530 9696

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