March 26, 2013


1) One-Piece swim suits are back with a banger. Do it like Rihanna and stay up-to-date with the trendy crowd, ditch your bikini for a retro look on the beach that will scream "I am confident enough to wear this" on your behalf!

2)White/ Striped cover up
For this season I suggest a colorfully striped cover up or one with an interesting print with it. If you want to go for a bold color,I highly recommend white and lemon (these 2 tend to look good on everybody). Try a dash of pale pink as well.

3) The floppy hat
Go with a wide rim to make sure your face gets full protection from the suns rays. I suggest a black color simply because it will play as a neutral should you have a lot of colors happening or not with your swim suit.
This comes without saying. I always suggest something that doesn't need you to buckle and unbuckle it yet still amazingly beautiful. people have this really bad habit of just showing up wearing just anything on their feet!

SPF 30+ nothing less.

Also, a maxi dress is great to have handy as well as a smaller bag so your personals don't get lost in your huge beach bag.

Glamorously Yours,

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