March 16, 2013

FASHION STYLIST TIPS: How To Wear Celebrity Trends

As a fashion stylist, I have to to be in the know about current trends, styles and what celebrities are into because some clients will specifically ask for this.
Here are a few current trends that celebrities are liking and are wearing.
I have also added style tips on how to wear them.

كخبيرة ازياء، لابد أن اعرف ماهو حديث وعصري، الموضة ومايفضله المشاهير، لإن بعض العملاء يطلبون ذلك بالتحديد.
فيما يلي بعض توجهات الموضة التي تروق للمشاهير والازياء التي يرتدونها، كما اضفت بعض النصائح حول كيفية ارتداؤها.

1. Stripes (ok I know most of us are probably sick to death with this trend already-especially here in Kuwait but it's still a big trend that can look fabulous if creatively done right).

How To Wear them: It’s all about bold combinations for Spring. Layer stripe on stripe, or take it easy with a lined dress. 
Keep in mind your body shape because horizontal stripes can make you look wide, while vertical stripes make you appear long and lean. 

2.Leather (it is probably going to be too hot to wear leather during the day in Kuwait though)


Leather has carried over from fall into spring , thanks to lighter weights, brighter colors, and skin baring cut outs. 
How To Wear It: Go for perforated or sliced leather looks, or strapless tops (like mine,got it from Forever 21) that allow for a bit of ventilation.

3. Cropped Tops

How To Wear ItIf you’ve been  in the gym, working on your fitness and you feel you have something sexy (like flat abs) to show then get cropped tops! 
Tip: Go for high waisted to fudge it.

4.Global Prints (hehehe which I like to call the globalization of African Prints-it is what it is)

I'm obsessed with Solange's personal style.
How To Wear It:  This trend is really about being inspired by world cultures and if you are from Africa or Asia or even Latin America; it's about celebrating your cultural heritage and traditions and embracing your history. Update your springtime garde-robe.The more prints the better. 
Tip: If you are terrified to try it, try a print cap!

5. White Shoes

How To Wear It: How can one possibly go wrong with a neutral color?

6. Ruffles (it's my least favorite trend but I know the girls in Kuwait will love it!)

I'll be honest and say the only reason why I don't particularly clap for it is because I'm scared a little bit. However, This will make a big statement! From my experience with my Kuwaiti friends  frills work better on cocktails dresses or skirts.

7. Checkerboard

How To Wear ItTo achieve the best the full look: wear a checkered dress, or add just a dash of chic with a checkered top or heels.

So what's wants to go shopping after this? Beacuse I totally need to do a little updating in my closet.

Glamorously Yours,

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