March 12, 2013

Fashion Stylist Picks: 5 Spring Trends For Men

Men, just like women like to look good.
Some men don't mind being fashion forward, others prefer a more subtle approach to fashion but they all have one goal: To look good.
Here a 5 trend tips that men may consider and incorporate into their wardrobe to ensure they look up to date.

الرجال تماماً كما السيدات، يحبون الظهور بشكل جيد.
بعض الرجال لا يمانعون التسابق مع الموضه والبعض الاخر اكثر رصانة في خياراته، لكن كلاهم لهم نفس الهدف وهو المظهر الجيد.
فيما يلي افضل خمسة نصائح ليأخذها الرجل بعين الاعتبار ويستخدمها مع ما تحتويه خزانة ملابسه ليضمن ظهوره بشكل متتبع للموضه.

1) Navy is the new black!
If bright and bold colors are not your thing,then try navy.
The perfect alternate for your classic black suit!This season is all about navy so give your black suit a little break! No better pairing for all those bright shirts and tie combos we are seeing! 

2) Prints and Stripes!
The bolder the better and the brighter the better but start small and work your way to gaining confidence in mixing your prints. The best way is to incorporate prints into your outfit using accessories like ties,scarves and pocket squares.
Tip: keep your prints in the same color palette. 

3) White! 
White has and always will be a spring fashion trend for men. Clean and crisp in all white will win each and every time.

4) Slippers
Better known as smoking slippers or the shoes that the main play boy; Hugh Hefner wears.
Get them in fun colors, textures, and prints.

5)Bright colors
 Dusk blue, poppy red, lemon zest, and nectarine (this year’s tangerine) are some of the top color trends for spring.

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