March 12, 2013

Fashion Stylist Chronicles

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Ok let's face it. Some people have a knack for dressing well and others don't. 

A stylist can help and teach you how to dress for your body type and help with accessorizing. 

You share ideas with your stylist and decide what's the best positive out come for your image based on what you have both discussed.
(I know  a client who was terrible at accessorizing until I started working with her.) 
Plus a lot of women are too busy to do their own shopping and with so much information being filtered through magazines,television and commercials it's a little overwhelming to make the right decision for yourself alone.
Most women are comfortable with me bringing them outfit ideas and style sets and they make the final choice based on my advice (personal shopping)

Personal Shopping- If you have trouble making informed decisions regarding the right clothes for your skin tone or body shape while you shop on your own, I will "pre-shop" before your scheduled appointment, and carefully select the right styles, designers, fit and color palette in order to create a perfect working wardrobe just for you. All of the pre-shopping is done in advance in order to save you time and hassle. I am is a well-educated personal shopper who knows and understands the latest trends, current styles, must-have seasonal pieces, and I will know how to shop within your specified budget. When working with me you will have the freedom to shop wherever you wish; you will not be restricted to one store. 

A happy client


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