March 22, 2013

Environmental Exhibition- Yarmouk Park

As many of you may know, I love Art, sustainable Art is what I like most.
A few weeks ago, my former design studio (I'm a graphic design graduate)lecturer called me and invited me to Yarmouk park to join a group of dynamic young artists for the exhibition ( The ARTronauts.
She explained that it was the opening of the Enviromental Exhibition!

I must say I was really impressed by the turn out (especially in Kuwait) and also the Government's initiative towards an eco-friendly environment and a support of the re-use, recycle and sustainability campaign under taken by several artists and organizations in Kuwait.

You can close this shut,just remove the cushions and close you sittee and go home!

Some sustainable fashion accessories!

Unique!and he really didn't care if people stared at him.

There were several other dream catchers there as well,all made from reused materials!This is by one of the ARTronauts

 This was by far the most intriguing piece of design/art I have saw at Yarmouk. The designer is from Brazil but leaves here in Kuwait. It's an interactive coat based on the historical silhouette of the Dishdasha.

Antonio showing the many way's his design can be worn!
I named him Max!Another ARTronaut master piece, he lights up in the dark. I love this idea of reusing old and broken mannequins as a light stand! 
Ms. Roma with some of the ARTronauts

The tree with car used car tyres for leaves (I do hope they used environmentally friendly paint on them which I highly doubt)

Young artist's at work during the exhibition

Electric mona-lisa!

What's your take? Do you think Kuwait is capable of changing it's current environmentally detrimental ways?

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  1. I love the idea , it is pretty interesting and there were some nice designs.