March 21, 2013

ECCO has a brand new vibe!

I will be honest from the jump, I have heard older people talking about Ecco and how comfy their shoes are as opposed to maybe how stylish or fashionable they are. This is probably the reason why I would've previously shied away from it (this is a general misconception by the way).

Yesterday I was introduced to their new collection (Ecco,Avenues Mall,Kuwait). I was surprised and excited because I saw A LOT that is fashionable yet comfortable. As a working woman, for example, their new vibrantly colored and not so very high heels make their shoes ideal to wear to work EVERYDAY. Their handbags are definitely trendy and I know for a fact will appeal to all women of all ages.

Take a look,

The new collection has a wide range of footwear so I suggest you go past and have a peep.

Glamorously Yours,

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