March 18, 2013


As you may know, I'm constantly looking for outfits that you can get inspired by through out the week. Since the print and stripe trend have taken off, I though to center this week around these two and work out different outfits that I hope you will like.
Some are Affordable chic outfits (no more than $500 in totally) and others are Splurge outfits (going over $5000)

I love these pants, i think they would make an interesting look along with the rounded sunglasses.

I am truly feeling the mint color trend,unfortunately it doesn't love me back. I'm yet to still see a lot of it here in Kuwait. Interesting combo of stripes and mint.

This look is less than $300 in total EXCLUDING the bag which is around $325. I believe the skirt is the ultimate form of feminity.If you notice, this set is centered around the skirt and its print colors.

Sometimes,you need to wear something over but not the same way. I think white will still work out amazingly for this look as well.

The most expensive item in this set is the LANVIN stripe top. I think even with this casual look,if you throw a blazer over it, you are still good to go to work in it.

Some people prefer to wear trends as accessories, These 5 picks are all btween $14-$45,respectively.
And all the brands (Oasis,River Island,New Look, Accessorize and BCBG) are available in Kuwait

Glamorously Yours,

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