March 15, 2013

CHIC SCOOP: Fashion News

Here are some fashion news I thought would great and interesting to share this week.

The pregnant KimK
The Kardashians  are no longer allowed to use the name Khroma Beauty. If you remember, they were facing legal action from two similarly named cosmetics companies.
Chroma Makeup Studio in Beverly Hills, and Kroma Makeup, respectively. 
Chroma filed an injunction against the Kardashians, which was denied, but Kroma has had more luck. A Judge of the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California has granted a preliminary injunction against Khroma Beauty, as she found that the brand’s presence had indeed hurt sales for Kroma Makeup, who experienced a 25% decrease in sales since the launch of the Kardashians’ makeup line. 
I can just hear Kim telling Khloe and Kourt that she wasn't with the idea of the name Khroma to begin

Next up is the devil wears prada!
Anna Wintour
While juggling her job at Vogue, and her brand new job as artistic director of Condé Nast, Anna Winotur wis one busy lady. The 64-year-old is tightening her already-firm grip on the magazine publishing business in this newly-added position, acting as an advisor of sorts to all the titles under the Condé Nast umbrella. MABROOK MS. Wintour!

John Galliano

Do you remember, the whole drama between Dior and John over his anti-semitic statememts while drunk?
Well,looks like The Dior-Galliano dispute is headed to a court of appeals. 
Last month, Dior opposed a ruling by Paris’s Labor Relations court which said they were qualified to hear Galliano’s claims against them. A hearing has been set for October 24th
Christian Dior Couture and John Galliano SA’s lawyers say that the designer was hired more as an independent contractor than a full-time employee, so they owe him nothing.
Galliano is rumored to be seeking close to $7.8 million.

This week I can safely say I would glady be Anna Wintour!She's having a better strike of luck than John and the Kardashian sisters.

Glamorously Yours,

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