March 28, 2013


This spa is one of my favorites here!
I love how they always make me feel like a princess, it's in a great location and the ladies there know exactly what they are doing and how to do it. It's great to go to a place where the ambiance speaks for what they are about. 
I am very excited about their upcoming 5th anniversary. 

They have aptly named it 5 YEARS OF BUBBLES LOVE

Which is a one week celebration starting April 1. Its been five years since our idea of Bubbles Nail Spa hatched and is inviting all ladies to savour their discounts and celebratory promotions 10 am to 10pm. 

They are also launching their new mama n me promotion, Me! bath's Vanilla Ice Cream Manicure and Pedicure, as well as introducing a new Morrocan inspired brand exclusive to Bubbles Nail Spa, Morjana. 
ZOYA polishes will launch their textured Pixie Dust Summer collection. 

There will be a 20% off all products during that period as well as a number of exciting specials. 
So get ready for treats, samples, demonstrations, and giveaways!

Where Is ItBurj Jasim on Soor Street,Kuwait City
Call Them22960929
Starts: 1st April 2013


Glamorously Yours,

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