March 16, 2013

Beauty Salon Focus: SOLITAIRE SALON-Jabriya

This post is well overdue considering I've been using this salon pretty much since I arrived in kuwait.
I get my eyebrows threaded there,eyelashes, basic hair treatment like washing and steaming 
(I have ethnic hair so I prefer to go else where for my hair) and mani&pedi sometimes as well as henna.

What I like: Their service is excellent, the staff is very friendly yet professional, their prices are fair, their services are wide and it's clean (well most of the time).
Suggestions: They must get a better way to dry eye lash glue after being applied and look into another type of glue.

getting ready for my pedicure

Mani$pedi station

Hair drying/styling station

Hair washing station

My sister getting her eye brows threaded by Laila (I recommend her for threading and mani and pedi)

Location: Jabriya,opposite the McDonalds (directly across the road)

So where are they on my Glam rate? They get a cool 3, They can do so much better in terms of interior, they must organize their equipment better,consistency of cleanliness.  

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