March 16, 2013

BEAUTY BAR: Beauty-On-The-Go

Being a fashion stylist, I often have to advise on make up and beauty looks and plus make up is a huge thing in Kuwait.
So I have to keep up with make up trends and international make up artists to know more.
Many, do not have the time to do a full cover look everyday so they ask for quick and easy tricks.

I've found these next 5-steps to be easy and quick to do between 5-8 minutes before you leave home.

Check this:

1. Apply a cream concealer (or foundation stick) to your under eye area and blend it down towards the cheeks. Apply it to any discoloration as needed. 
2. Lightly dust loose powder to set. Make sure that after this your skin still looks like skin.
3. Line your eyes with an eyeliner pencil (I prefer pencil because I'm used to it and haven't mastered liquid yet).  Apply 2-3 coats of mascara as needed. For mascara I use Maybelline Volume express and also Lancome.
4. Apply a luminating concealer under your eyes to brighten them up a bit and also on the tops of the cheekbones to highlight. 
5. Lightly dust on blush (the general rule is the darker your skin, the brighter the blush-although to have a natural look I use my bronzer). Try NARS Blush as their range of blushes have something to suit every skin tone. 

Of course,when trying new products please try stuff that suits your skin tone.
I hardly like recommending products because some may be well out of people's budgets.So try with what you have 1st.
Glamorously Yours,

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