March 19, 2013

3 Fashion Rules to break in Kuwait

Some fashion rules have solid foundations, while others don’t hold true. I love trying new things and breaking fashion rules isn't as frowned upon as it was in 1950! Fashion is and has always been about self expression, so don't be afraid to break a few rules like the one's I have listed!

RULE TO BREAK 1: NO short skirts/dress over 35
As far as I am concerned, 35 is hardly considered old any longer and I know many older women who have gorgeous legs. So I suggest you wear skirts that show off your fantastic legs,just don't be fooled into wearing skirts that are too short- that has never flattered any woman at any age.

Demi Moore
RULE TO BREAK 2: Matching accessories

I'm proud to say most women in Kuwait have this one rule BROKEN into pieces!
Matching your accessories perfectly is long behind us, so stop fussing over whether your bag is the same color as your shoes. It looks much better to have your accessories in different colors. Just avoid looking like the rainbow!


RULE TO BREAK 3: NO tights with peep toes

This one is a little tricky because people associate it more with wearing socks with sandals or shocks with heels in general (which I love to do).
But, I have noticed that tights look great with peep toe shoes. You just have to be smart about how you do it.The trick is to match plain with pattern, i.e. wear plain tights with patterned shoes, and vice versa. Also try to find tights that don’t have a very thick seam in the toes.

Style is much more flexible these days, and we don’t have to follow a set of dated and often outdated rules.
Break the rules and live!

Glamorously Yours,

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  1. 35 is old ! they should not wear anything over the knees