February 8, 2013

Splurge For Valentine's Day

The month of love has finally arrived!
It is all about showing you how to make this Valentines Day not only memorable but stylish too. 
It is all about fabulous gifts and lingerie that will leave him wanting more (and your girlfriends envious of your joy). 
We have compiled the best "his and her" gifts from great watches and perfume to sexy lingerie,all guaranteed to put a smile on both of your faces and add value to your closet. So,don't hesitate to share this with your friends and your man as it promises to be very insightful. Enjoy! 


1) The most luxurious scent from Giorgio Armani's collection so far.

Armani Prive La Femme Bleue
 2) A bag from FENDI S/S 2013 collection.
I honestly though we would be over it but we are not. Every fashionista must have it and its suitable for all ages!

3) Gaetano Perrone S/S 2013 collection is a vibrant and fun perspective of femininity. This shoe would need you to put on your freakum dress.

4) If you know your partner that well, then you can get a sexy lingerie set for her to put on for you.


Any woman who knows her man, knows exactly what shoe size he wears and what better gift than a pair of shoes that he can show off to the world.
Plus all women look at your man's shoes first after his face.

1) If you are dating a white collar brother who is addicted to his dark colored suits while hoping between flights, then this pair of Louis Vuitton's professional shoes will remind him of you while he is getting his money.

 2) If your man has taste for vintage and chinos...these will be great for the office and for all impromptu events.

3) Yes, Louis Vuitton did have the best to offer for men's. This travel bag will be an essential part of his wardrobe. so spoil him and stay on his mind wherever he goes.

4) Ralph Lauren's NOTORIOUS may be deemed as one of the most expansive perfumes in the world, but it worth every cent! If you will be travelling to London before Valentine's day, then be sure to buy one for him.

Who says you have to purchase a gift when you can be his gift? Just show up signed,sealed and delivered!

Glamorously Yours,

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