February 9, 2013

Glamchic in Shurooq Show....

I'm currently involved in a project that will have you sitting on the edge of your seats when its finally on Television in kuwait (Al Funoon). It will tackle the issues that matter most to women and the stereotypes we face together and as individuals. The best part is it will also provide solutions and make sure that each and every woman on the show walks away feeling better than she first got on this series.

First day of shooting was yesterday (Saturday, February 9 2013). It was a fantastic shoot which you all really should see. All I can say is that it left me emotionally opened and scared of what the future may bring.

I was obviously a little bit intimidated working with the team for the first time and the slight language barrier didn't help but my rusty kuwaiti dialect was like a magic wand!

Tv Host Shurooq, before she gets on the set. I loved her french braid.

I will be posting about the issues I will be involved with on the show detailing the exciting journey I am embarking on. Of course I can't give you all the details.
You can follow me on instagram (glamchickuwait) for on the go snaps of the shoots and visit the blog regularly for the TV updates and when the show will be aired.

Glamorously Yours,

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