February 19, 2013

Food Chronicles in Kuwait :The Meat Co

It's always such a joy visiting the Meat Co in 360 Mall,not only do they have a great menu but they offer an intimate dining experience and because of that I'll be going back every week to see what is new that they are offering Kuwait in terms of cuisine and this promises to be nothing but great fun!
So make a date with my blog every week to reveal what's new at the Meat Co.

The Meat Co Kuwait is  an international steakhouse with South African  roots, influences and heritage  and it is a part of an international chain of restaurants located in  Australia, UAE, Bahrain , South Africa and the United Kingdom.
The Meat Co steakhouses the menu surprises with something for everyone, including a delicious selection of seafood, chicken and vegetarian  for variety.

When it comes to appetizers; I'm personally a huge fan of the Mozambican Style liver's with a hint of spicy, I also asked the chef to recommend a salad he thought I would like and he made the Meat Co salad (it has a sweet taste to it),its a mixed green leaves with tomatoes,cucumber and slices of avocado.

I also had the opportunity to try out their new bread, it's made of different flavors fitted to suit. Personally I would recommend the bread mixed with bits of chocolate and beets for (those with a sweet tooth) or the potato and onion mix- which is my favorite so far.

My main course was without a doubt the star of the show. I had a beef wagyu steak seasoned in rosemary,thyme,olive oil and salt and pepper.
Honestly, perfect is the only word I had to describe it and it was tender so I didn't have world war3 start up in my mouth.
I hope the Chef can get it this right each and every time.
It was prepared just as I had requested and that is what I got on my plate.

It was pleasant to see other stylish and classy women dining at the same place as well.

I am recommending the salad and wagyu steak for any one who wants to go and try The Meat Co. You just may be in luck and get to see the staff perform their birthday song!
I had a pleasant experience.

The Meat Co Kuwait restaurant is Located within “The Gardens” zone at the  360 Mall
Tel: 2530 9696

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