February 19, 2013

Fashion Pulse Of The NYFW Fall 2013 shows

While everyone talks about what is going on inside the NFW Fall 2013, I'm more interested in what street style is going on with the show goers as well as reputed  fashion bloggers outside; who are the ultimate fashionista's and trend followers.
I love street style because it gives you a true feeling of what is happening in the actual fashion scene.

First up is Miroslava Duma;

Caroline Issa

Susie Bubble

And a few more from stylists looks and other show goers;

The images above show us the fashion pulse of international streets, and as much as there are trends I think we can all agree that having your personal touch is what truly works in fashion.
I wouldn't mind seeing some of these looks hit the streets of Kuwait.
Remember, fashion is about self expression and with that comes experimentation.

Instagram: glamchickuwait

Glamorously Yours,

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