February 4, 2013

Designer Focus: Laila Al-Hanbali


     She may be commonly known as the lady responsible for the "Kim kardashian dress" but Laila Al-Hanbali is really just your girl next door who has been blessed with an extraordinary gift. She has captured the minds (and the eyes) of a world that never imagined she would achieve her other dreams but still remain dedicated to being a fashion designer. When one of her biggest moments came, the whole world was watching her and experiencing her vintage line adorned by one of the biggest celebrities of our time.

   GCK: Tell us a little about your clothing line? 
  Laila: It's a vintage line. Inspired by a combination of elements. They are finalized with feminine  touch. It gives the lady a look of elegance and reflects the feelings of being unique, strong and free. 

   GCKWhat inspired you to have a vintage clothing line?
   Laila: I have been raised in a family who own and appreciate antiques (furniture and cloth), through that I developed my love vintage pieces and wear it myself. The endless support my friends and family and  their encouragement to design my own led to my first sketch.
   GCK: The million dollar question is how did you get to meet Kim Kardashian while she was in Kuwait?
  Laila: I heard that Kim will be visiting Kuwait, I contacted the organizing company and offered  for Kim to view my collection to pick a dress for her dinner event. I met her when she arrived and I was glad she loved the entire line, everybody knows knows what happened next.
    GCK: How was the experience of meeting an international superstar who then wore your work?
     Laila: Kim is a sweet young lady. Dealing with celebrities is never easy but luckily she made it very easy for me.Absolutely an experience to be remembered.

GCKWhat has life been like for you after Kim wore you designs?
Laila: It's been different of course, my work has gone beyond Kuwait, I now have clients all over the  Gulf area and Europe and that's for sure a turning point for me.

 GCK: What are the 5 things people do not know about you?  

Laila: I am mother of 7 year old son, a professional show horse jumper, I studied energy healing, I am holistic nutritionist and I'm addicted to adventure. 

 GCKWhat is your personal taste in fashion? 
Laila: I am in love with Balmain and his taste. I see him as my idol designer.
GCKAs a designer do you find it important to follow trends? 
Laila: Surely you have to keep your eye on trends but at the end you need to create your own. 

During our interview, I can truly say Laila is a go-getter. All the best to her.
Laila's designs can be found in Kuwait: 

Harvey Nichols- The Grand avenue, Avenues Mall
Designer lounge-The mall, avenue mall.

Pop up-Three sixty mall. 

Designer lounge-Al Rashed mall. Khobar. 


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