February 16, 2013

BEAUTY BAR: 5 Beauty Secrets All Young Women Should Know

Skip the foundation
Foundation is for women over 30. Not only does it cover up your natural beauty, but foundation on a younger and fresh face looks anything but natural. Instead, cover up your blemishes with concealer, then follow with a powder or tinted mosturizer. Tinted moisturizers tend to be lighter than heavy foundations.

You pat concealer in, you never rub it in This is a beauty trick every magazine touts. When applying concealer, put a bit on the pad of your middle finger and pat it in. Never rub. 

Got acne? Pat the concealer on top of it.

Play up your lips or your eyes, never both

If you wear smokey eyes, go for nude lips with just a bit of gloss. Prefer the drama of dark lipstick? Keep face light (stay away from heavy blush) and wear only mascara on your eyes and a light eyeshadow. 
Don't heavily line your eyes. 
Play up both and you'll look like a clown.

TIP: Never ,ever line lips in a darker color than your gloss or lipstick.

Less is more

Have you ever notice how some of your friends look best with no makeup at all? No matter your age, too much makeup makes you look worse. If you wear foundation, powder, blush, liner, mascara, eyeshadow, lip liner and gloss on an everyday basis, then you're overdoing it. 
Tone it down: All you really need is a great mascara, concealer for blemishes and gloss. Add a pop of blush in winter.

Vaseline is your best friend

Vaseline is a great, cheap eye makeup remover! 
It's also great for fixing chapped, scaly lips. Slather on a bunch of Vaseline, then use a toothbrush to massage lips. Wipe the excess off on a tissue. Your lips will be smooth and soft. 

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