January 20, 2013

Glam Personality Of The Week: Gwen Stefani

Our chosen glam personality of the week is rockstar, Gwen Stefani. She was featured , amongst her many glossy magazine cover list, in US Vogue January 2013 issue.
For the cover she blessed her feet with Alexander Wang Mackenzie booties,she is wearing a SAINT LAURENT SPRING 2013 ensemble which consisted of a sequin jacket, a white ruffled blouse, black trousers and felt hat. She was shot by Annie Leibovitz .
Don't you just love how she is showing off her matador style?

In the issue, the chic rockstar talks about being a mother in a band, No Doubt's new album, fashion and more. 

Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane Spring 2013 silk blazer, scarf, blouse with ruffle detail, wool vest, trousers, and felt hat.

On balancing her life as a wife, mother, singer and designer:
“Who knew that ten years later, I’d be doing a No Doubt record, be married, have two kids, have three clothing lines? All at one time! It would be ridiculous to do that. And it is ridiculous. It’s impossible. So I think a lot of what I was going through on the rec­ord was wanting to be who I’ve always been, but now I’m somebody different. I am a mother. And if you don’t do it right, there are serious consequences. That’s what this whole record was: trying to balance it, trying to be my creative self but also be the new me.”

On her hectic lifestyle: 
“I did my first solo record and went on tour while I was pregnant. I would want to throw up during certain songs. Certain outfits would make me sick. It was torture. I toured until I was four and a half months pregnant, showing. I came home and had Kingston, and when he was eight months old, I went back on the road. I nursed him for fourteen months, so I would literally do my hair and makeup, go back to the bus, nurse him, put him down, and walk out onstage. And I did that for 100 shows.”

On being a member of No Doubt: 
“We know that we all play a role. But there was a time when it was confusing. It was messy. The breakup, the new relationship, everyone recognizing me. All of that stuff feels like it’s so far away now; it’s just us as friends, so grateful to be doing what we’re doing still.”

(Some very trendy and unique pieces from Gwen Stefani's clothing line L.A.M.B can be found at Harvey Nichols, Kuwait)

For more from Gwen, visit Vogue.com

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