January 7, 2013

Branding Focus: Zahed Sultan

When one thinks of Zahed Sultan, you will either think of crisp white shirt with a dark colored suit or very laid back denims and hoodie look. This all depends on which side of this versatile creative you know. And having received the Layalina magazine trendsetter award, Zahed is definitely on his own path.
Inspirational is one way to describe this ever evolving entrepreneur who truly understands his brand and his environment.

GCK: How did El Boutique Creative Group come about?
Zahed Sultan: El Boutique Creative Group came about organically. Once upon a time, four friends decided to join forces to push the creative envelope in Kuwait.

GCK: How would you summarize the journey between then and now?
Zahed Sultan :The journey has been tumultuous yet gratifying. Entrepreneurship, in all shapes and forms, tests one's strength of character and resilience against all odds.

GCK: Music is also a big part of who you are, what inspires you and drives your music?
Zahed Sultan:The small nuances of one's day to day which people overlook is what inspires me.

GCK: Being both a businessman and an artist, how have you managed to balance the two in terms
personal branding?
Zahed Sultan:Being a Social entrepreneur (as I call it),requires an extensive amount of technical/organizational skills. coupled with strategic prowess. Being an artist,on the other hand, demands of you to let go of the former and embrace the "grey" exploring intangible notions, ideas, feelings even thoughts.
I constantly push myself to excel and shuffle between both practices.They must co-exist with each other in order to grow.

GCK: How has brand building affected your approach on style?
Zahed Sultan:Building a brand is like nurturing a new-born. Its cyclical and has no definitive right or wrong answer. You develop your instincts; trust them and, at most times, just go with it. A good friend of mine once called himself a "Lifestyle Professional", which is a title that has stuck with me. My "professional" day has no start or end to it, what I choose to do, how I do it, and with whom I choose to do it with- is what I aspire to stand for day in and day out.

GCK: How would you describe your personal style?
Zahed Sultan:I can't define it, its ever evolving. All in all,if it speaks to me (in whatever manner), I pay attention and experiment accordingly.

GCK: Do you have a favorite fashion designer?
Zahed Sultan:I don't have a particular favorite fashion designer. My inspiration comes from people that dress to the pulse of their city streets.
For example; Tahir Sultan's, my elder brother, relentless pursuit to achieve success as a fashion designer inspires me.

Glamorously Yours,

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