January 14, 2013

Brand Marketing: Said Aghil Baaghil

We live in a visual world where image is the doorway to your brand.
The hard truth is that people will judge you on how you have presented yourself to them and this is  viewed as marketing your brand.In today's world, it is crucial to understand how YOU need to launch your brand and how to make it a success.

Over the past decade, the marketing profession has atomized into an overabundance of sectors. For this reason Said Aghil Baaghil has focused on a single area in which his  passion, experience and efforts excel: Brand Marketing.
He is one of the leading brand marketing consultants in the Middle East. He has authored three books: Eccentric Marketing, The Power of Belonging and Brand Revolution. His proven ability  to develop brand marketing models and his consultancy success are what motivates him to share his insights through these books and this interview.

"For the past twenty years of my life I have striven to excel in a field I passionately love-marketing. From my days at the University of Maine pursuing my marketing degree until today, my life has been marketing. My early experience in the profession dates back to 1990, when I joined a reputable company, Edison Brothers, based out of St Louis, Missouri. Now I have risen from employee to a self-employed entrepreneur who has created numerous companies fro himself and others. My experience speaks for itself-through my marketing work,the books I've authored, and consultancies."

GCK: What is a brand?
Said: A brand is an idea that lives in the minds of the prospects.
GCK: Why is branding so important?
Said: Branding is very important because it supports the company's bottom line objectives. Branding in terms of media that's called advertising and not branding most get confused.
GCK: What are the similarities between a personal brand and a corporate brand?
Said: Both live in two different environments, the personal brand depends on individuality and holds less responsibility, while the corporate brand depends on the corporate  strategy and the business strategy.
GCK In your view, what makes a successful brand?
Said: A successful brand lives on the single idea that will differentiate it from the competitors, most treat brands to be just logos but that's exactly where the failure starts. The success of any brand depends on corporate strategy and how well the company is structured to observe the commitment. Brands are to live in the minds of their prospects and this raise the bar of expectations.

Said Aghil baaghil with the Dean of Dar Al Hekma
GCK: What are the general misconceptions people often have about brand building?
Said: They think its billboard and TVs, Advertising agencies should keep their hands off from brand building and not most branding companies in the region are not well equipped to deliver the task.
GCK: What branding tips can you give to the emerging entrepreneurs in the MENA region?
Said: Brands and Marketing is everything that your business needs right from start, you should know how they work and never shy out from trying and failing. I understand the consultants are very expensive for start ups but there is always a solution. Live your dreams and don't mix your business with any other non related subjects.

"I’m gratified that my work as a consultant and as an author has garnered a great deal of recognition. Most recently, I have been praised by Dan Hill in his book Emotionomics. Dan, with over a decade of experience in consultancy at Sensory Logic, Inc., is a recognized authority on the role of emotions in consumer and employee behavior. I have also had the privilege of being interviewed by Faith Popcorn (a futurist and the CEO of BrainReserve) for her two new books on market trends."

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