January 27, 2013

6 Trendy Colors For 2013

I picked some of the trendiest colors to wear for this year, 2013.
So even if you are not a trend follower or blind to all things fashion...a few pieces in your closet with these colors should set you among the fashionable pack.

1. Emerald green
This color is rich,and it will make a bold statement on its own depending on the elements of your outfit. Its been seen a lot on the street style during the recent fashion week.

2. Minty green
Nothing will be more refreshing in your closet than this tasty looking color. it looks cooling.

3. Cotton Candy Pink
Why not make an ultra feminine entrance with your accessories?
Nothing will say girly better than a hint of cotton candy pink like this Marc Jacobs bag. or try a a cotton candy beck piece?
You can pair your cotton candy hue with darker shades of pink for the ultimate girlie look.

It just says breezy...a definite try for Spring/Summer.
A coral skirt with a white crisp shirt would look amazing!

5. White
The come back kid!or did it ever leave to begin with?
Iv always maintained that black and white are classic colors therefore no matter the trend in that given season, they are a winner!
I'm absolutely feeling this filing suit spotted during the fashion week.

6. Vibrant Blue
It gives off an electrical feeling, bold just like emerald green.
I personally look this color, you do not need to go over board with it. Its very elegant on its own.

My personal favorite look at the moment is black and white stripes, like this H&M dress in my style set. I paired it it with emerald green to give it a a very Trendy and fashion forward look.
Just sharing an idea.

Always remember that any of these colors can be worn in different forms for example your vibrant blue piece could be a shoe or clutch instead of a dress or pants.

Glamorously Yours,

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