December 31, 2012

Style Focus: Luscious Boutique by Hala Abu Al Hasan

Luscious boutique is a place where every fashionista must visit. 
It's very trendy, fashion forward, daring, edgy and fierce just like it's owner, Hala Abu Al-Hasa. Many of you may know her as dudette from 7ajidude blog. This super mom-to-be turned her love of blogging into "KA-CHING" in style!

GCK: What does being a fashionista mean to you?
Hala: Being a fashionista means everything; it is lots of hard work,creating your own style, or getting inspired to create your own design.Most importantly its about creating a difference, being edgy and unique. If you have no passion for fashion then it will not work.

GCK: What are your top 5 fashion must have's for this season?
Hala: For me, this season is all about leather with a twist. 
- Must have a funky blazer you can rock with a simple tee or jeans.
- A leather dress, and why limit yourself to black when we live in a world of color? so go for colored leather if you dare!
- An edgy black leather jacket,plain black is so 2009,its about edge this season for all fashionistas.
- A hat
- Military jacket or vest and complete your look with louboutin boots.

GCK: What style advice can you give?
Hala: Create your own style, trends aren't for everybody so becareful in being a trend chaser.
If you do not feel confident in what you are wearing before you leave the house,trust your gut and change into something that makes you feel more lusciously confident, Fab and Glam!

The Dash Kim Blazer,Kim Kardashian owns one too!
Kim received this fab gift from Hala herself when she was in Kuwait!

 On my Style hunt at Luscious Boutique

Don't miss this short video detailing the Winter 2013 Collection currently available at Luscious Boutique

Luscious Boutique
Al-Tijaria Tower, Kuwait City
Mezzanine 1

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