December 24, 2012

Style Focus: DESIGN ME by Mashael Al-Mutawa

Imagine my excitement when I stepped into Design Me and had the most inspiring conversation with the lovely Mashael! It was such a great conversation that I had to share it with you all beauties and beasts!The fact that she is super talented and has the personality of dynamite is exactly what sets Design me apart from the pack.

Here is a insight into what makes Mashael and Design Me flourish!

GCK: Describe your collections in 3 words?
M.AlMutawa: Elegance, Unique, Simplicity

GCK: You are obviously a very versatile designer, what inspires you?
M.AlMutawa: Everything around me can be inspiration, from a building, flower, stone or even a color. Sometimes the fabric itself can impose a specific design, there are no limits!

GCK:You had a very unique photo shoot some time ago, what was the idea behind that?
M.AlMutawa: It took place in an old abandoned house with a broken blue door. Initially I was sure about the location but it sort of remind me of a neighbourhood somewhere in Venice and that alone just sold me to the idea. I added some random colored flowers to give it that real Venice feeling.So it was all about the blue door!

GCK: How does your brand impact the fashion trends in Kuwait?
M.AlMutawa: It's hard to measure the impact of our brand in Kuwait. 
To have an impact means to have a real fashion industry which we are working hard to achieve.

GCK: what are you top 5 fashion must-haves?
M.AlMutawa: The classic classic black pants, animal print, blazer,peplum and statement necklaces!

GCK: How do you describe your own personal style?
M.AlMutawa: Simple yet fun, I love color and statement accessories to give my outfits a pop.

Moi with a Design Me cocktail dress

Glamorously Yours,

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  1. Thank you so much Zee for this lovely post and for your kind words :) !!

    Mashael Al-Mutawaa