December 28, 2012

Glam Chic Kuwait: Design: Unique lighting

Lighting lamps are perhaps some of the most overlooked designs in today's world simply because they are everywhere.
How many people do we know that look at lamp and say, "hhmmm interesting design" and actually buy that particular light based on that thought?

O.T Tosa Lamp by Heike Buchfelder and Jan-Peter E.R Sontaag for Pluma Cubic.
Nuage Lamp by Philippe Nigro for the Italian lighting manufacturer Foscarini

The Frank Desk Lamp by Pana Objects (Based in Thailand)
Reminds you of a puppy right?

Obelia1 Light by Barry Magazinovic
A combination of curves and geometric patterns interlock without the need of adhesives.
seen at the Common Welath exhibition of Young Australian Designers
Custom Lighting Installation by Aqua Creations.
A collaboration with its Swiss representative Sphinx.

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