December 17, 2012

Style Focus: Manar Haboury (Founder&owner of Moni&J Fashion Accessories)

Glam Chic Kuwait caught up with the creative and classy fashion accessory designer Manar Haboury and founder of Moni&J.She shared her fashion tickles,her current collection and the force behind her brand.
The stylish Manar swears by always being yourself regardless of what is around you but don't ignore it either.

GCK: What inspired you to get into the fashion industry?
Moni&J: I have always loved design but it was largely on a personal scale,as I had kids to take care of at home. As soon as my kids were old enough to attend school, I decided that this was the right time to make my dreams come true.

GCK: How have your managed to remain creative, focused and unique in the fashion scene in Kuwait?
Moni&J: It's always important to have your own tastes as a designer, your own style and always be in sight of your vision. I travel a lot which helps as well because i get insipired by so many different things while i travel and my creativity is pushed and challenged to its limits through all the things i see and experience. For example, I'm love metal but I can't use metal for all my collections each and every time.

GCK: What is your brand's unique selling point?
Moni&J: Every designers has their own personal tastes and style.For me as a designer, I am just myself when I approach my work. of course I am very interested in trends and my customer's tastes but I stay on path with my vision,which is what makes Moni&J unique in the Kuwait market.

GCK: How does being a designer influence your attitude towards fashion and trends?
Moni&J: I've always found trends to be interesting to observe, but now as I continue to practice my craft I take into consideration even the trends I blew off before because it may appeal to my clientele so i take those and incorporate them into my style.

GCK: How would you best describe the fashion trends in Kuwait?
Moni&J: It is truly amazing to be a designer in country such as Kuwait People here have the ability to acquire the taste of the new, unique and everything in between! You see all the latest trends just by walking inside a mall or having a coffee. Kuwait is a big runway!

GCK: Keeping in mind brand building, how would you describe your personal style?
Moni&J: My brand is centered heavily on creativity. Therefore my personal style is very different or rather versatile although I do have a signature look.

Famous Arabic actress Hend Sabri is a big fan of Moni&J accessories

Moni&J can be found at Mosaic Boutique in Salhia Mall and Designers Lounge in Alraya Mall (KUWAIT), Cream Boutique (SAUDI ARABIA- Jeddah and LEBANON), Hebz Boutique, first mall four seasons (EGYPT).

We can't wait for February 2013 for launch of the new collection!

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