December 1, 2012

Glam Chic Kuwait Beauty Bar: Smoking Eyes

All women want a smokey eye but have no clue how to achieve it.
The most important thing to remember is that this look can be achieved using ANY color, yes it can be a green,purple or blue-ANY COLOR. 
It is however, a look of an example of great effects of BLACK EYESHADOW.
Smokey eye is not about the color but rather technique.
We absolutely love Iman's sexy smokey eye

 There are several ways one can do a smokey eye. Below are just a few basics,

Step 1: Prime your eyelids (if you don't have a primer perhaps a light concealer will do the trick,I use a light concealer as it also serves as my brow bone highlight)

Step 2: Apply black gel/cream liner to the top lash line, doesn't have to be perfect. Drag the liner up and slightly outward then before it dries, you will smudge it using a small brush.

Step 3: Apply your eyeshadow all over the lid covering the liner. Do not forget to smudge through and slightly above the crease of the eye
Step 4: Use a tapered blending brush buff in in the area above the crease. If you are using MAC Bamboo;lightly blend it into the edges of club and extend it upward.
Step 5: Apply eyeshadow as a highlight under the eyebrow. Then apply the same eyeliner you used on your top lash line on your bottom lash line and smudge the line with a small brush.
Step 6: Apply eyeshadow on top of the black eyeliner on your bottom lash-line. Then along the beginning 1/3rd of your bottom lash-line you can apply a gold / silver (or whatever you desire) eyeshadow for a pop of color.
Don't forget to apply your mascara when you are done!

Khosi with a ready-to-go smokey

 There are also many "simpler" ways of creating a smokey eye, especially for those who can't seem to get their hands around the technique.
Maleeha decided to test the ready-smokey eye pallete below

and these are the results!

As you can see,we tried our best to refrain from using too many celebrity images for the smokey eye simply because their technique's may be too hard to re-do at home and different strokes for different folks!

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