December 22, 2012

Glam Chic Kuwait Beauty Bar: Make-Up Brushes 101

It's safe to say that most women aren't very well informed in on their make up brushes. Some know what they should have and perhaps not sure how to use them or their up-keep, many just use two brushes for everything (improvisation) . Truth is there is a wide range of brushes available for different purposes.

Theses are the MUST-HAVE brushes in your make-up bag:

Powder Brush: Good for removing excess face powder or the application of specialized powders.

Foundation Brush: for the application of foundation to specific areas, gives an airbrushed appearance.

Blush Brush: Application of powder color to the face and for blending.

Eye shadow Brush: These come in various sizes. Some come with your eye shades-find one that works for you!

-When buying your brushes make sure that the hairs are secure to the base of the brush.

-If there you can only afford to buy at least one high-end brush, then your blush brush should be it, that is if you are serious about getting truly believable flawless makeup application.

Glamorously Yours,

Beauty Specialist

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