December 5, 2012

Glam Chic Kuwait: Contemporary Architecture

Design elements are a crucial part of all things design, fashion included.
Architecture is like fashion; style is its greatest asset.
When great Architects get together to design some of the most creative spaces one could wish to live in.

The Old Library by Hecker Guthrie.
This was originally built into a church in 1908,converted to a Library in the 1970's
and transformed  into a restaurant between 2009-2011

Modern day Tree House by Baumraum (in the forests of Hechtel-Eksel in Belgium)

Concrete house in the Himalayas of India designed by Rajiv Saini&Associates

Lemperle residence by Jonathan Segal in California

Matsumoto Restaurant by Golucci International Design

Villa SSK in Chiba, Japan by Takeshi Hirobe Architects
Winged House by K2LD Architects

The "Secret House" in Kuwait, designed by AGi Architects

Every building has had an architect,no mater how uninspiring it may look or feel because just like fashion design, some designers are better at their craft than others and just like style some have it and some don't.

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