October 24, 2012

How To Wear: Chic in Plaid

Plaid pants?Yes, they are very chic!
The cashmere sweater touch is cute.
Of course the velvet blazer wins!
What we absolutely love about plaid is the fact that as much as its limited wear styles, you can still come off looking very chic, retro and stylish. its very relaxed for the most bit and most importantly; have fun with it.
Here are a few suggestions on how one may wear it.

You can make a men's plaid button down shirt look feminine by wearing a silky skirt and heels with it

For a young and playful look, you can pair your plaid dress with faux leather,tights and booties (Winter)
You can take Plaid from summer into winter by a change of color and dimension

This look would be ideal for a garden wedding,but for everyday  wear you can keep the white bottoms and either go for wide leg pants or a white pencil skirt

How super cute is this plaid dress with a full skirt?

Street Chic is easily achieve with plaid as well.

The simplest way would be to incorporate plaid into your outfit. Try a plaid scarf or hand bag if you are not too sure about those plaid pants you bought!!

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