September 2, 2012

A woman who dares....

Our loves for Art and Fashion is set ablaze each time we see what a few creative minds can do with the African print. Gone are the days when the African print was reserved only for the back street tailors in the vibrant streets of African countries (yes, Africa is a continent not a country). let it be noted that the African print is definitely ONLY for the bold and confident, and lately it is also reserved for the women who are not afraid to set trends, be unique and look Glam within their own society.
If you are a woman who does not mind having eyes on her...then its for you.

Beyonce looking fabolous and colorful in her print on print look. We love her jacket!!

Ellle Verne mutes the print with a bold jacket...very  edgy.

Go African print classy with this jacket from Pyromaniac by mp

tres chic clutches

Kaleidescope by Chenai is  definitive range for the woman after chic contemporary pieces with an ethnic twist. 

Kaleidescope by Chenai  offers flirty and fun styles each intricately made, featuring an array of colourful and vibrant African prints.

Vlisco design (made using Ankara)

Vlisco design (using Ankara)

of course if wearing a complete print scares the mini fashionista out of you, try juxtaposing western fabrics with african like a charm!

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