July 26, 2012

Young minds on sustainability (A local feel)

The talents that lay undiscovered and untapped in Kuwait are simply too much to ignore at times.
It is important for the Youth of Kuwait, just like that of the world, to start thinking about the future of the earth and how they can share ideas into saving energy, saving water, saving food and land.
I am very proud of this young group of females from who are mostly Box Hill College Kuwait ( one of the few internationally recognised colleges in Kuwait that offer Art&Design courses).

This post focuses on using recycled materials to create some beautiful lamps,frames and other forms of home deco and fashion that we can all use in our lives.

Frames made from scraps of materials picked up from various tailors. Illustrations done by Unsa khalid.
 Made by Munira Ws, Bashayer Alshamari and Unsa Khalid.

Fashionable re-use by @AaliyahBehbehani

frame made by Jena Al-Awadhi using old toys

Lamp made from shells by Abrar Karam

The cassette lamp made by Dalal Al-Fahran

The water bottle caps lamp made by Nour Al-Bassam

Nails lamp by Samma Al- Essa

Grasshopper lamp by Samma Al-Essa

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  1. Thanks so much Zethu. You are a true artist, using your creativity to spread the message! Way to go!