July 22, 2012

Stylish male kicks

Great casual style

The above shoe definitely appeals to the working man who is on the move. the added black leather makes it easier to wear this shoes with various color suits.

 The above shoe is casual and great for jeans or chicos. What we love about it is it comes in different colors therefore if this above color is a bit to 'out there" for you..you have  a choice. If you are male afraid to be colorful, always play down the color with a bold color pants like a white or a darker hue of beige.
This last shoe is from the Louis Vuitton men's fall 2012 collection.
Great for your exclusive party or meet and greet. this screams stylish,sophisticated and expensive
Gentlemen...pay attention.
Ladies can tell a lot by the type of shoes you wear or what condition they are in.

Always remember that money can buy fancy things just not Style.

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